Mad Max: Fury Road


I don’t believe I’ve ever paid two see a movie twice in one week but I plan to see this one again in a few days. It was like trying to drink from a fire hose. There was SO much happening onscreen that my eyes/brain just couldn’t process it all. Wonderful little bits of detail. Like the hand mirror used to replace the broken outside mirror of the war wagon that was — for my money — the star of the movie. Check that: all of the vehicles… and the stunt men/women are the stars of this movie.

If you’re looking for a complex story with great dialogue and subtle performances, look elsewhere. I don’t think there were 100 lines spoken in this movie. No, this is a chase movie. From the first frames to the last. Two hours of nitrous-enhanced adrenaline. I thought the 2nd Mad Max movie was pretty exciting but it was Dukes of Hazzard compared to this one.