Augmented reality glasses

vr-gogglesI’ve been reading about augmented reality (fiction and non-fiction) for years and this morning I finally got a look. Sort of. +George Kopp brought an Epson Moverio BT-200 by the coffee shop. The glasses were surprisingly light, and comfortable. I didn’t get an immersive, VR experience but did watch a few seconds of a YouTube video. I was impressed. As George had the unit configured, I could see the video and what was going on behind and around it. These are early days and this tech will get better and better.

One quickly imagines a pay-per-view scenario where I — sitting on my sofa — can watch a Rolling Stones concert from any of a dozen perspectives. Back stage. From the crowd. Hovering drone. Maybe Mick has a camera somewhere on his aging body. And I can jump from view to view. Yeah, I’d probably pay for that.

PS: They’ll need a chinstrap option for new users.