Siri will be joining us for lunch

robot-dinnerI’m sure the idea of letting your phone “listen” to your conversations is still too creepy for most folks, but I’m fine with the idea. Had Siri been listening in today he would have heard me tell my friend Jonathan I would send him the link to a YouTube video featuring someone we both worked with. He would also have heard me express interest in some research being conducted by the University of Missouri School of Veterinary Medicine on replacing joint cartilage. (It’s been so successful in animals they they’re moving to human trials.)

It would be great if Siri could have found the YouTube link and drafted an email, ready to send once I approve. And collect the most relevant links to stories about the medical research, adding them to my Reading List.

Clearly this would be a feature some would turn on and others would not. But if I spent lunch talking about my asshole boss, he’s much more likely to hear about that from someone sitting at the adjacent table than from Siri.

BTW, I paid for lunch (Panera’s) with Apple Pay. If Siri knew what I ordered — and it mattered to me — perhaps he could have logged the calories or other nutritional information.