How green was my valley, how long were my pants

I don’t worry too much about my levi’s being the right length but I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority on this fashion point. I rarely (almost never!) see pants that are too short (“high waters” Barb calls ’em) but frequently see pants all chewed up and frayed from dragging the ground. Women seem very prone to this, even nice slacks… all worn and dirty from dragging the sidewalk.


Serious motorcycle dudes give careful attention to this fashion aspect and many — I suspect — have their Levi’s tailored to ride one-quarter inch above the ground.


Baseball players peg the goofy-meter. You couldn’t pay me to watch a baseball game so I don’t lose any sleep over this but would imagine players sometimes fall down because their pants are 18 inches too long. That would be fun to watch.

So can someone explain this fashion mystery?