Apple Watch

sandisk-mp3-player_2From my blog, November 2004: “I gave some serious thought to purchasing an iPod or similar digital audio device. But the buggers cost $300-400 and I didn’t want to pay that much. And I don’t have 10,000 mp3 files, anyway. So I sprung for a SanDisk Digital Music Player. This little gem has 512 meg of (flash) storage and will play for 15 hours on a single AAA battery. It was on sale at Best Buy for about $120 and I can take it back if I don’t like it.”

Like thousands of such devices, mine is gathering dust in a drawer somewhere. Which is where all of the android watches will wind up. Within a year or two of the Apple Watch launch the only place you’ll see these ugly fuckers is on the wrists of Dungeons & Dragons ‘wizards’ or that girl in your National Honor Society who sold the most Christmas cards four years in a row.