“Whatever side your on, see another side.” That’s the tag line for the Netflix documentary MITT, written and directed by Greg Whitely, and it’s a good one. I don’t do reviews but I’ll share a few impressions, in no particular order:

  • Some unresolved daddy stuff going on for Mitt
  • He didn’t really want to be president. He wanted to be elected president
  • There must have been times when the family and/or the campaign said, ‘Stop filming. Please leave the room.”
  • The decision to have no narration was a good one
  • Some of the shots looked like they were from a GoPro strapped to the family pooch. I liked that quality throughout the film
  • Mitt and Anne don’t know any poor people. Sure, they’ve met some in their public life, but they seem incapable of grasping what it would be like to be poor.
  • Karl Rove and Roger Ailes threw up 5 minutes into this film
  • No politician will ever again agree to this kind of access