Galileo: Cool panorama gizmo

On Saturday Tom Piper demo’d a little gizmo called the Galileo which turns your iPhone into a panorama camera. An iOS app called Sphere Sphere rotates Galileo (and your iPhone) automatically, capturing up to 45 images along the way. Then, Sphere stitches those images together to create high quality spherical panoramas.

In the short clip below you can see Tom controlling the device from his iPad which, for me, is a more interesting feature. If I could find a good vantage point, I could position the device (with my phone) to record panel discussion and from my seat in the audience, direct the camera to the person speaking. Maybe. This is one of those devices you’d have to play with but I like the concept.

The last bit of video explains itself. A way to share the panorama images so other can control point of view. If you open this link on your phone, you can ‘control’ the image. You can open it in a browser, too, but without the control.