Mythology of American exceptionalism

“The top 1 percent of Americans now bring home almost 20 percent of the country’s annual income, and have seen their tax bills decline by almost half.”

I kept waiting for Andrew O’Hehir to just say congressional Democrats are pussies:

“Republicans know from many years of experience that if they push hard enough – on guns, on abortion, on welfare or healthcare or any other bedrock issue – Democrats will ultimately buckle and seek a compromise, even when the public doesn’t want them to. That’s because the Democratic Party is riven by internal contradictions, no longer represents the interests of working people with any consistency, and is (pardon my French) shit-scared of being portrayed as effete, effeminate and disloyal to the mythology of American exceptionalism.”

This is an interesting read but I’m thinking a lot of the people on food stamps and struggling to get buy don’t read Salon articles.

I won’t be voting for any more Democrats. Or Republicans. I’m done. If there’s a third-party candidate, I’ll vote for him/her. Don’t give a shit if they can’t win and I’m wasting my vote. I’ve done that don’t plan to again.