Burning Fossils

stoveOn this cold January day I’m remembering coal burning stoves. How is that possible? Can such memories be real? It would have been the early ’50s (1953-54?). It was a little farm house where my mother’s cousin and his family lived. The house had electricity but was heated with a large cast-iron (?) stove that stood in the middle of the living room. A coal bucket stood next to the stove, which made a wicked sizzling sound when you spat on it. (Best done when grown-ups were out of the room). I don’t know why the house wasn’t heated with propane. I also have memories of wood-burning cook stoves in the homes of some of my rural relations.

These were such primitive technologies. It boggles my mind as I sit here with my MacBook and iPhone and wifi and all the rest. Will today’s tech seem so… ancient… in just 60 short years?