Thought Cloud

I’d like to have a tag cloud of my thoughts. A “thought cloud.”  I think it would be useful to see a cloud representation of my thoughts. I’m thinking almost constantly, but have no real data on what I’m thinking about.

I’ve been spending a fair amount in recent years, trying to observe my thoughts. To be aware of what’s happening in my head. One of the more challenging things I’ve attempted.

But what if there were a better way to monitor my thoughts, convert them to text, and show them to me. Last hour. Last 24 hours. Last week. Month, Year, whatever.

Would I be surprised by the results? I think so. Based on my reading and personal experience, we are rarely aware of our thoughts. You can test this by trying to be aware of your thoughts for sixty seconds. Listen to that voice in your head and jot down the keywords and phrases for one minute.

Could I do anything with this information? No idea. Would I really want to know? I would.