Window on the world

I’ve been using the new MacBook Pro for a couple of weeks now. What I heard in my head as I wrote the previous sentence was, “I’ve been using the Retina display for a couple of weeks now.” The new MBP has lots of nice features but the amazing display overshadows them.

Before I go on, I must confess I romanticize technology. Not only what technology can/will accomplish, but the hardware and software itself. I care how the device I’m using looks and feels. Almost as much has how it functions. Steve Jobs understood this.

Where was I?

My computer has become a window on the world (universe?). I spend a lot of time looking into (out of? through?) that window. And when I first saw the Retina display, it was like looking through a window that had just been cleaned. You weren’t really conscious of it being dirty… until it wasn’t.

Let’s stop a moment to acknowledge that what I see through my small window pales in comparison to the view from the rim of the Grand Canyon or the edge of an active volcano.

That seems (to this layman) to be a matter of bandwidth. I am taking in much more data perched on the rim of Mt. Aetna as she spews hot lava. All of my senses are sucking in 11 trillian bits per second (xxxxx). But clearly any/every reality we experience is cooked up in the soup kitchen of the brain and some future hardware/software will take me places the Retina display can only hint at.

Until that day, I’m enjoying looking out a sparkling clean window.