The House that Clyde Built

In the spring of 1984 I had been back at KBOA for about a year. Barb and I had moved to Albuquerque the year before to seek our fortune. She found hers, I did not find mine and we moved back.

I was in the production studio when Clyde Lear called to offer me a job managing his news network. I was still smarting from my Adventure in the Desert and told him I really wasn’t interested. Besides, I really wasn’t a news guy. That was fine with Clyde because he had the best news guy in the state (Bob Priddy). He wanted someone from the programming side.

I took the job and worked for Clyde for the next 25 years. To say he changed my life is — as they say — an understatement. He changed a lot of lives. And built a great company.

On Friday he (along with a handful of minority stockholders) sold the company to a private equity firm.

But for us old hands, the story is “Clyde has left the building,” figuratively if not literally. Our company will continue to grow and prosper, but it won’t be the same company. And that’s okay. Everything changes.