Melinda + Nick | Wedding Lip Dub

This is just SO much funner than flipping thru and album of stills where everyone is saying CHEESE. The clever kids at One Tree Photography made this magic but only god knows how they did on a day where a wedding also had to happen. I’ll bet Melina and Nick remember this as the day they made the video. And got married.

5 thoughts on “Melinda + Nick | Wedding Lip Dub

  1. Thanks Phil. As far as the lip-sync we actually did most of it with a cell phone boom-boxes are hard to come across these days! We did half of the video the day of the wedding then we did an after session with them out at the same place to polish it off. We had more time and it wasn't 100 degrees. There were a lot of details that I planned for that didn't work out then some that I didn't expect that worked great. So some planning is great for this type of shoot but you roll with what you get. The swing and the guys on stage just kind of happened. Nice to have a little luck mixed in That and a talented group of folks helping you out:)

  2. Absolutely… Like, who got to carry the boom box all day for them to lip sync to? Does everyone still hear that song in their sleep? How many needed therapy afterwards????

    All kidding aside, what an awesome memory you provide them. And I echo Steve's comments – we'd love to hear more about the experience, if you don't mind. A 103 degrees… incredible.

  3. That's so cool… and what little I know about video production, I bet you're right… they'll "remember this as the day they made the video. And got married." Specifically in that order. What great sports! Hats off to OTP!

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