Revisiting Picassa

I’m a long-time flickr fan. Have a couple of thousand photos in my photostream. Shoot, I’m paid up until 2013. It’s a great service. And yesterday I downloaded (copied) all of those photos and posted them to my Picassa account.

The geek-o-sphere is buzzing (wait, no good)… is all atwitter (uh, that won’t work)… talking about Google+, the new social initiative from Google. If you haven’t followed this, it’s not important, except to explain why I’m exploring another place to put my photos online.

I’m a big fan of most Google services (Gmail, Reader, YouTube, Calendar, Maps, etc etc) and all of these will –eventually– be tightly integrated with Google+. It dawned on me that photos was about the only thing I was not using Google for.

No one knows if Google+ will be a success but I’m hoping that it is and decided it made sense to bring my pix under the Google tent.

And if you have an invite…

One thought on “Revisiting Picassa

  1. OMG Steve Mays! Just found your blog. Where have you been? Where are you now? Can remember my backdoor neighbors like it was yesterday. And my short stint at KBOA (especially the watermelon–seed-spitting context) brings back fantastic memories. I will always be greatful to you and your dad for giving me the gig.

    Love the picture of you with the green face. I’ll never forget painting (almost) your whole body with green watercolor paint for “Finnians Rainbow”. I am looking forward to discovering more of your blog goddies.

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