Speak when spoken to

I am clearly incapable of remaining silent for 24 hours. I fantisize about this from time to time but can’t summon the will to try it. So I’m wondering if I could go for a day only speaking in response to a direct question. No follow-up queston, I remain mute. I could puss out by allowing me to ask a direct question.

I’d really like to see a transcript of everything said to me and by me for a full day. I’d go through it line by line, deleting stuff that didn’t need to be said. You know there wouldn’t be much left.

Somewhere in the archives there’s a post in which I speculate a word rationing plan. I get 1,000 words alloted for every 24 hours. My iPhone app counts my words and gives me updates on remaining. Once gone, can’t talk. Have to rely on 100 pre-recorded phrases to interact with others. Would the quality of my discourse go up given such a limitation?

Stay tuned.

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