We have rural electric service and it’s very reliable. But a big ice storm (or a tornado) can bring the lines down and leave you without juice. It happend a couple of years ago Barb and I quickly learned that reading by flashlight is tough.

So when I saw a blog post about some solar-powered lamps from a company called d.light, I ordered a couple ($15 each):

“d.light S10 provides up to 8 hours of light on a full battery and uses highly efficient LEDs. It provides 360-degree space lighting for the home, workplace, or while traveling. It also serves as a task lamp for studying, working, or cooking.”

We just leave them in the window to charge. Has two settings: 4 hours bright; 8 hours a little less bright. Photo doesn’t do the little bugger justice. It puts out a nice light that would be might welcome on a dark night.

I confess I was hooked by the idea these give people in third world countries light without the hassle of kerosene.

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