“Threads of advertising-sponsored content”

“Advertising is becoming content, not message. Or, more specifically, the message is knit into the content.  Under that scenario there is no 30-second spot per se, there are simply threads of advertising-sponsored content.

Creating “content that people choose to watch (and share)” (and listen to) is the job of every company that calls itself “media.”  This goes to the heart of radio’s revenue model because it is clearly out of step with the direction of clients and their agencies.

This is why the structure of so much of radio is outdated.  We have sellers who move spots and programmers who mix music. What we need amongst these are content creators who match consumers with clients in the presence of our brands by bringing compelling ideas to life.”

— Mark Ramsey Media

One thought on ““Threads of advertising-sponsored content”

  1. This is the basis of my experiment with the Republic Tiger Schools site, really. Everything I do can be sponsored. A podcast or video series about the band would be a great fit for the music supply store where everyone rents their instruments. The restaurant supply store that outfitted the high school culinary program could sponsor a series of features on the cooking classes at the high school. A “Teacher of the Week” feature could be sponsored by a classroom supply store.

    Not only is my website built for a very small niche (parents and teachers and students at a single school district), but there are sub-niches that will help me target the advertising/content.

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