The Two Bobs

The Missouri Department of Transportation recently announced the closure of a number of offices around the state and the elimination of a bunch of jobs. Difficult times call for difficult decisions.

A few days ago I got a whif of how this is coming down, at least for some employees.

In at least one section, managers at a certain level and above were notified they will have to “reapply” for their current jobs. They’ll log in to a website and justify why they should keep the job they have had for years.

They’ll also have to identify some other jobs within the department that they’d be qualified for, in the event they don’t keep their current job.

Anyone who has ever done a stint in management sees what’s going on here. Someone up the food chain doesn’t have the authority (or balls) to decide who stays and who goes, and to tell them that, eye-to-eye.

“Yes, I know you did your job for 15 years and got great evaluations every year, but someone more qualified got your job. Sorry.”

Now I ask you, after going through this demeaning process, even if you get to keep your job, how do you feel about the people you work for?