The end of radio coverage maps?

A radio station coverage map is just what it sounds like: a cirle showing how far your station’s signal reaches. The bigger the circle the better. Now a new BMW option might make coverage maps less important (obsolete?)

Yes, I know, not everyone can afford a BMW but is there any doubt this technology will find its way into every vehicle? Not for moi.

Mark Ramsey sees the car as “a digital lifestyle accessory” and wonders how broadcasters fit into the consumer’s mobile digital lifestyle?

“Maybe it’s with unique and exclusive content. Maybe it’s with digital bells and whistles that make your content sing. It’s not with the same old same old. And no number of debates about FM on mobile phones will solve this problem for you.”

On more than one occasion I’ve wondered what would I do to stay fresh and relevant if I were running a radio station. How might I insure that my station was on that BMW dashboard/iPhone? And I don’t have a good answer. But smarter folks than I are figuring this out.