Direct Mail Spam

It bothers me –more than it should– that I can filter out most email spam but not the spam that hits my USPS mail box.

The envelope above contained a not-very-interesting offer from a local car dealer (Capitol Chrysler Jeep Dodge). I’m guessing the dealer knew it wasn’t very interesting because he designed the envelope to look like something official from the state DMV. He knew that if the recipient knew is was fr0m a car dealer, she would just toss it.

So, if the dealer is this dishonest in his marketing, why should I expect him to be any more trust-worthy in selling me a car?


One thought on “Direct Mail Spam

  1. It is a virus that is infecting car dealerships in this area.

    A direct mail marketer comes up to the General Manager of a car dealership and tells him they can sell 50 units more a month by sending 10,000 direct mail letters for a nominal fee. The General Manager starts foaming at the mouth and doesn’t do this months radio ads or TV Ads and sends them out. What they don’t know is people hate these things.

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