Working on my Ian McKellen look

I’m working on a new look up top and I’m still in that awkward transition stage. I’ve struggled to tell the stylists what I’m after but this morning a coworker found it.

Sir Ian is about 10 years my senior but I’m catching up fast. I can’t do the beard but I’m confident I can bring the wrinkles. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Doc Mobley comments that’s I have a better shot with a Lee Marvin look. I always thought my dad resembled him a little. Me, not so much.

2 thoughts on “Working on my Ian McKellen look

  1. And as I have told you, one of the pics that comes up here you look like Miles Monro the Woody Allen character from Sleeper !

  2. I’m telling you, you should work on the Lee Marvin look instead. Think “Cat Ballou”, or “The Dirty Dozen”. You’re halfway there and the hair is superfluous.

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