Library Thing fun facts

Library Thing is an only database for keeping track of your books. And it does so much more than that. Today,for example, I discovered a page that illustrates the height of my books if stacked (higher than the Sphinx, shorter than the Statue of Liberty):

And that they would fill 21 U-Haul book boxes or 5 IKEA Billy bookcases. Or, if I tore the books apart and laid all the pages end to end, they would stretch for 13.25 miles.

Interesting, but not very useful. And then I found a page that listed all the characters in the books in my library. Now that is handy. Can’t remember one of the bad guys in a John D. MacDonald novel? You can find it here. [Boone “Boo” Waxwell, Bright Orange for a Shroud]

If you are daunted by the prospect of entering all of your books into the Library Thing database, I believe there are scanner apps for your smart phone.


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