Carnivores Anonymous

It’s been almost a week since I ate meat. No, I am not going Vegan or vegetarian. I like meat. Barb’s delicious pulled pork; her smoked chicken wings; a Sonic Burger; even the occasional baloney sandwich. I grew up eating meat. And probably will again. This is just a little experiment. It’s a terrible analogy, but I’m reminded of recovering alcoholics who stay sober one day at a time.

As meal time approaches, I decide if there is any alternative to meat that sounds appetizing. And, for the past week, there has been. I’m not sure what has brought this on or how long it will last but it has been easier than I would have thought.

I don’t think I have any strong moral concerns regarding eating meat. On the other hand, if I had to kill the cow or the chicken, I’d pass.

I should confess I don’t have a real “love” for food the way some do. It’s just fuel for my engine and pretty much any fuel will do.

Not sure where I stand on leather shoes.

3 thoughts on “Carnivores Anonymous

  1. I think I’m just taking a break from meat. And I promise to never wear such a shirt.

  2. And as the French say, chacon a son gout, but I really do hate those self satisfied veggies who wear T shirts bearing the slogan “if it’s got a face, I won’t eat it”

    Smug gits

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