Unpoked and unlinked

I “deactivated” the Facebook account. Again. I didn’t even bother trying to delete the account this time. I’m pretty sure that’s not possible. I’m like one of those people who get a dog because they like the idea of having a dog but wind up leaving it chained up in the back yard all day.

Wait, it gets worse. I fired up the LinkedIn account again, just to see what new features the’d added. I immediately got some “invites” from nice folks I once knew or worked with. It occurred to me all I have in common with most of these folks is (was) we both have LinkedIn accounts. So I deactivated the account.

I hope some of these people will call me so we can have a nice long talk. (573) 200-6776. Everyone has all of these off-hours minutes now so there’s no reason not to talk. So, before you scold me for being unsocial, pick up that phone and call me. I have all the time in the world to chat.

5 thoughts on “Unpoked and unlinked

  1. There are days (like today) that I wonder why I have a facebook. Then my brother posts pictures of my Nephew that I would otherwise not see since they live in Long Beach, CA.

    44 friends and that number keeps going down.

  2. My last post to Posterous was on Jan. 28th and I deactivated Facebook a couple days later….no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever.

    I’m currently working on exercising the demon that is AT&T out of my life.

    If my iPhone could get a signal…I’d call. I guess you’ll have to wait.

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