“The twisted psychology of bloggers vs. journalists”

NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen identifies five sources of stress on today’s journalists.

  1. A collapsing economic model, as print and broadcast dollars are exchanged for digital dimes.
  2. New competition (the loss of monopoly) as a disruptive technology, the Internet, does its thing.
  3. A shift in power. The tools of the modern media have been distributed to the people formerly known as the audience.
  4. A new pattern of information flow, in which “stuff” moves horizontally, peer to peer, as effectively as it moves vertically, from producer to consumer. Audience atomization overcome, I call it.
  5. The erosion of trust (which started a long time ago but accelerated after 2002) and the loss of authority.

This is an insightful look at the friction between journalists and bloggers. A must-read for either species.

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