Scott Adams’ Cloud Government

Yes. This is what I’ve been waiting for. And might even live to see.

“The new government will be Internet based and require no actual politicians per se, except for the President. Citizens will vote for the laws they want, as often as they want, by Internet. Actually, voting is too strong a term. Think of it as a rolling opinion poll. There’s no need for elections when the preferences of the people are continuously monitored in real time.”

Before you dismiss this idea as impossible, check out what’s happening in the streets of Cairo. And read Mr. Adams’ post. And if you need any more convincing, every elected official currently in power, would hate this idea.

2 thoughts on “Scott Adams’ Cloud Government

  1. This would be a bad idea. I like the thought of technology being implemented more often (and in more cases), but to rule simply by the desire of the rabble would be counter productive. The Founding Fathers designed this nationt o be ruled by a mix of the rabble AND more distant individuals. Hence, we can see the forests AND the trees. It is this dynamic which is most valuable.

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