A Valentine’s Day Story

Barb loves flowers. So I sent her flowers on Valentine’s Day. But the arrangement was so “cheezy,” she sent them back. How bad does a floral arrangement have to be for a woman to return it on Valentine’s Day.

Years ago I started buying flowers from Busch’s Florist here in Jefferson City. I’d send flowers on her birthday, our anniversary and sometime just because I had “a love attack.”

Money was no object. Busch’s had my credit card and I rarely asked “how much.” I frequently asked that the person doing the arrangement “swing for the fence.” Really get creative.

It was a nice arrangement (so to speak), for Busch’s and for me. They did a good job and then a couple of years ago they suggested I try their “special events” plan (not what they called it). I’d pick several special days throughout the year and they’re remember to send flowers. Probably good for cash flow.

Yes, I put my love on auto-pilot and today it bit me on the ass. Who knows what happened. The florist probably has some excuses ready for when they return my call cancelling the plan. Rushed. A newbie did the arrangement, blah blah blah.

Doesn’t matter. Florists sell hard the concept of “this special day.” And when you fuck up, you pay the consequences. That’s life. And business. They let flowers become a commodity. Good enough.

I probably averaged two or three hundred dollars a year with Busch’s Florist, going back a dozen years? And I would have spent that much each year for the next dozen years.

Tomorrow they’ll probably send Barb a really nice bunch of flowers, “on the house.” But tomorrow isn’t Valentine’s Day. That was today.

I’ll be auditioning florists in coming weeks and I’ll post photos and reviews here. You’ve just read my review of Busch’s.

6 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Story

  1. It looks that I may be looking elsewhere next time I buy flowers for my wife too.

    Normally the quality of flowers from Busch’s is top notch and my wife loves them. Less than a week after V-day, the dozen roses I got her are already nearly dead. And the last time I tried to order online, the order was charged but never delivered.

    Think I’ll just stick with Gerb’s for the random flower surprise and maybe try River City for the next high dollar bouquet I get her.

  2. “And when you fuck up, you pay the consequences. That’s life. And business. ”

    Steve, you sound so much like Ayn Rand here! Who would have thought?

  3. I love you no matter what the flowers look like. Even the ladies at the office were a little surprised at them, knowing how generous you always are with your gift giving.

  4. I did Pro Flowers online. That was a fail. They ship the flowers not even cut. I did it because they advertised for Pandora. It was a horrible experience at least for me.

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