This house will be a bitch to heat

Somebody is building one big-ass house south of Springfield, Missouri. A full acre from wall to wall (on a 500 acre site). After nearly three years of constrution, they’re barely at the first floor (72,000 square feet). Hard to picutre, right?

According to Census Bureau, the average new home over the past five years was less than 2,500 square feet. Bill Gates’ house is 66,000 square feet. The White House is only 55,000 square feet.

Here are some more numbers: 23,000 square foot basement; 4,000 square foot garage; 2 elevators; 15 bedrooms; 14 bathrooms; 2-story, 1,600 square foot library; and a 1,275 square foot master bedroom. Just the building materials for this monster cost almost $7 million.

You’re wondering who’s gonna live in this little cabin in the Ozarks but that’s something of a mystery. You’ll find more on that in this fascinating story by Brady Brite, a report for Christian County Headliner News.

Oh, did I mention the house is all concrete? Hmmm. Sounda a little like one of those post-apocolyptic compounds, tucked away in the Ozarks.

If someone is familiar with the location, and can find a Google satellite view, drop a link in the comments.

One thought on “This house will be a bitch to heat

  1. With a good geo-thermal grid and radiant heat flooring concrete might not be as hard to heat as you think. But it is a little disconcerting when Department of Defense contractors build bunker-esque “one-family” homes on 500 acre compounds – just a little cabin on the prairie in case of emergency. Your defense dollars at work.

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