A little child shall lead them

I am endlessly fascinated by technology. How we use it and how it changes us. The photo is of a couple of regulars at the Coffee Zone. I remember when dad switched to the iPhone. And later when he started asking me about the iPad. It seems ages ago but it was only months ago.

She plays games on the iPad and watches Netflix movies. But there will soon be nothing she cannot do on the device.

It’s inconceivable (to me) that she won’t have this with her in class. That will be delayed because not all of the kids will have them and etc etc.

I can’t even imagine how this will change education. Of course, education will have to change but that seems inevitable.

We’ve had hallway discussions at our company about the various tablets and platforms (Android, Windows, iPad, etc). My friend Phil (a very smart guy) assures me a lot of companies will take the “safe and secure” route of Windows devices.

But the kids in this little girls class could care less about Word and Excel and all the rest. They want to have fun and create and that will be on the iPad (for the forseeable future). You can take it to the bank.

One thought on “A little child shall lead them

  1. Nephews and niece love playing with our iOS devices. It’s natural for them. In fact the oldest got an iPod Touch for his birthday in Dec.

    They used to play on laptops at our house but that took a lot of work and you always had to worry about them clicking a wrong link or something on webpages with flash games. Not so on an iOS device.

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