Minor stuff: Comment order; Pandora; might like

Comment order. I don’t get a lot of comments on any of my posts but this is worth a mention because my pal David got me to thinking about it. If you have more than a couple of comments on your posts, they should be oldest-to-newest. You see the first comment, and below that, the second, and so on. Makes perfect sense now that I think about. Turns out I had mine configured in that manner.

Pandora is my new early-morning passion. Lots of sharing tools but I’ve opted -for now- to just show bookmarked songs in the sidebar on the right. From time to time I do a twitter or facebook shout-out as well. I keep discovering new songs or new versions of old songs and, once bookmarked, I can go back and listen again or purchase on iTunes.

Other posts you might like. If you are looking at this as an individual post (as opposed to the home page of the blog showing several posts), you’ll see some images and links to other posts on this blog. I think the idea behing the plug-in was to show you related posts. Frankly, I don’t see any such relationship but I kind of like the randomness so I’m leaving it for now.

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