If this page had ads, you’d ignore them

Robin Wauters takes a look at the results of a new Adweek Media/Harris Interactive survey of about 2,100 U.S. adults. Topic: ads
“over six in ten respondents say they tend to ignore or disregard Internet ads. Among those who ignore online ads, two in five say they ignore banner ads (43 percent) the most, and one in five say they ignore search engine ads (20 percent) the most.”
Ms. Wauters notes Internet ad revenues in the U.S. are at an all-time high. What about other media?
“people who said they ignore ads on other media: television ads (14 percent), radio ads (7 percent) and newspaper ads (6 percent).”
If only 7% ignore radio ads, I’ll put that in the win column. Younger folks are more likely to ignore radio ads, compared to older people.
11% in the 18-34 demo say they ignore radio ads, compared to 6% 55+.
Ms. Wauters concludes her post by concluding all ads have to be better. Much better