Walk in the woods

Our house sets in one corner of a 3 acre lot covered by a lot of scraggly pine trees and rocks. But we really like it. Today I broke my “stay on the concrete” rule and took a walk.

I walked farther than the sat view suggests, but you get a sense of the terrain. I could still hear cars off to the south and a train whistle down by the river to the north. But those were distant sounds and it was mostly quiet. I was so still for a bit that a squirrel did cartoon double-take (“WTF! You’re not supposed to be here!)

I took a few pix but they didn’t capture the feeling. I know that hunters get this natural high when they go out to shoot something but it’s a new experience for me. I’ll do this again until it gets too cold, and it might be nice in the spring.

My take-away was how fortunate we are to “have” even a little piece of the planet we can pretend is our own. No ATV assholes or snow mobiles. Just some trees and squirrels and me.

2 thoughts on “Walk in the woods

  1. I love it… and in a manner of speaking, it’s what I love about my old Deardorff film camera… it forces me to slow down, to take in and enjoy the moment. If I’ve found something I really want to photograph, often times, I’ll just sit there and study, enjoying the space until it “feels” like the right time to click the shutter. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time for this as often as I like, but do enjoy every minute when I do.

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