Well worn

I drive a 13 year old Toyota 4 Runner with a couple hundred thousand miles on it. Runs like the day I bought it. Before that, I had a Toyota Corolla that gave me 300,000+ miles before I gave it away. Way back, a Toyota Tercel. Same story.

I bring this up because I’ve had the 4 Runner so long I wore a hole in the driver’s seat. Just normal wear over a dozen years. While getting the seat repaired yesterday it occurred to me how few things last long enough to wear out these days. Or, perhaps we (Americans) just don’t keep them long enough for them to wear out.

And you needn’t remind me that I buy new Macs before they wear out. Guilty. But if Apple never made another computer, the one I’m looking at would last long enough for the letter to wear off the keys. It will go a very long time.

I’m not sure this little post has any point other than a little love for things that are made well enough to last until they wear out.

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