JotNot Scanner Pro

Call 911, I’m having a handy attack! George turned me on to a wonderful iPhone app called JotNot Scanner Pro. Snap a photo of a document or page in a book or magazine, and the app converts it to a PDF. And the quality is very good, almost the same result you’d get with a flat-bed scanner.

I’ve been snapping pix of text and saving the images since I got the iPhone. But having it converted to PDF on the fly is the bee’s knees (mixed insect metaphors).

One thought on “JotNot Scanner Pro

  1. I FOUND YOU!!!

    It’s a blast from the past. Virginia ‘Lee’ from the good ole’ days.

    I love your site!

    Looks like you are well. I’m good. Still working for a living, and traveling a lot to China, South America, Mexico, etc. Work for a company in Irvine, California.

    Maybe we’ll get to catch up sometime.


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