78 rpm recordings of Big Bands from the 40’s

While cleaning out the attic of my mother an father’s house, I found a case filled with old 78 rpm recordings of Big Bands. My parents loved the music (it was their era).

I’d like to find a home for these old recordings but I don’t want to give them to someone who’s just going to turn around and sell them on eBay. They don’t have any monetary value and almost nobody has a turntable anymore. Of any speed.

So I’m looking for a collector, I guess. If that’s you or if you know of someone who might like to have these, hit the comment link below. Tell me a little about yourself and why you’d like to have the recordings and we’ll figure out a way to get them to you.

10 thoughts on “78 rpm recordings of Big Bands from the 40’s

  1. This makes me wonder just what your ansestors will be giving away of all those iTunes bits you own in 50 years? Just shows how things change. Someone can actually play those 78 records with the correct equiptment but the RIAA says you don’t really own those bits and cannot resell them.

  2. I know this may sound strange, but how about donating them to the Dunklin county museum in Kennett, maybe they could record them digitally, where you press a button to hear them play, and have pics of you mom and pop above the recordings, just an idea..

  3. Also boxes within boxes helps too.

    Packed alot of stuff when I had my eBay consignment business. If you want help packing ping me.

    Got to help our Fez brother get his records.

  4. Hey- Wayne Glenn, the Old Record Collector has a show on KTXR-FM Springfield (MeyerCommunications). He still runs turntable shows on Saturday morning.

  5. UPS could ship them if they were packed very carefully. Might take 4 boxes but it could be done. Not sure I’d trust the yahoos at the UPS store or FedEx store.

  6. These relics are were clearly meant to be yours. Now we need to give some thought to how to get them safely in your hands. They appear to be very fragile and I’m not sure we should entrust them to UPS or FedEx. Would love to find someone planning a car trip to Seattle.

  7. I recon they do indeed have a monetary value as well as artistic. If you pass them to Howlin Hobbit, i hope he’ll share those MP3’s

  8. I’m not a collector, I’m a musician that loves the big band era.

    Just recently my sweetie brought home this modern take on an old school radio. It includes a slot for cassettes, an AM/FM tuner, a CD player, AND a turntable that does the three major RPMs. All wrapped up in a small cabinet that looks like something from the 40’s.

    I’d purely love to have a selection of big band records like that. The above-mentioned unit also has stereo-out ports, so that I could quite possibly (with the proper software, which I think I have, and an RCA to USB cord, which I can get) digitize the tunes.

    Selling them on eBay doesn’t even enter the picture.

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