The AlphaSmart 3000

I spotted this at a nearby table in the Coffee Zone last week. I couldn’t resist interrupting the gentleman to inquire. The AlphaSmart 3000 is a word processor with a tiny LCD screen. Just 4 lines of text. You can call up other documents using the gray keys. There’s a USB port for moving your stuff to another computer.

According to the owner, a few AA batteries gives him 700 hours of hunting and pecking. I’d really like to meet and interview the person who conceived of this device.

3 thoughts on “The AlphaSmart 3000

  1. I’ve raved about these for a while, mostly because they would restore the mobility the Radio Shack TRS-100. that was before the iPad came along. And I’m told the virtual keyboard is quite good. But I would really, really like a keyboard for the iPod touch. That’s all the computing power I need when I’m on the road.

  2. I saw you post this picture elsewhere. Did you see my post about the Tandy model 100 circa 1984 a full 8k of computing power and so similar to this it’s untrue.

  3. These guys are at every trade show I attend and seem to be a big deal in K-12 because of the cost. Let’s spend billions more on war(s) so schools have to buy a $150 oversized calculator and call it ‘technology’.

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