New day

I hope you saw this. It was far more beautiful than my iPhone could capture.

I took a vacation day yesterday. Learfield generously gives us 3 weeks after you’ve been with the company for  (?) years. I struggle to use all of my days. I just don’t enjoy sitting on a beach or hiking in the mountains or pushing a gigantic RV across the country.

Fortunately, Barb is cool with this. We take some long-weekend trip for a specific purpose and that’s about it for me. For more traditional vacations, she and her sister take off. It works.

This year I’ve decided to take my vacation a day at a time. Maybe two. Yesterday I spent the entire day here at the Coffee Zone, surfing and reading. I was totally absorbed. A very relaxing day.

4 thoughts on “New day

  1. Ironic that this picture appears just after your list of
    books of what you believe. It is spiritual in an every
    day kind of way. Life is good…..

  2. Steve, I like your local vacations. You know how you feel when you’re out of town and you run to the grocery store to pick up some forgotten ingredient for dinner, or want to check out a big thrift store or a deli? It’s a great feeling to just hang loose 1,000 miles from home because you’re “on vacation.” Lately I have been pretending I am “on vacation” when I am doing those same things in my home town. Sounds a little weird, but it’s a fun mind-shift. Improves my attitude significantly.

  3. I saw this cloud as well…from the urban beauty of the mall parking lot. I stopped briefly and sighed. Then continued my buyer’s remorse for spending 400 bucks on a new dishwasher.

  4. I did see this. I also saw a Hot Air Balloon above the west end of town. I didn’t get a good pic of it but it was infront of clouds and very pretty.

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