Last of the Mays Boys

It was a family weekend for My brother Blane is back in the states for a few weeks to get his second oldest son, Spencer, officially enrolled in college. He’ll be attending Liberty University in Lynchberg, VA. (I’m pretty sure they don’t know there’s a flaming lefty in the family)

Oldest son Ryan –a junior at Union University– drove over from Tennnesse and we all met up in Tulsa. The brothers hadn’t seen each other in a year-and-a-half so they had some catching up to do. [L-R: Ryan, Blane, Spencer]

I handed down my 15″ MacBook to Spencer as a graduation present and he immediately loaded Skype so he could talk with his sweetie back in Indonesia. I know they whispered sweet nothings for 90 minutes at one stretch, which would have been one expensive phone call. But those days are gone now.

It was miserably hot in Tulsa and the traffic was like nothing I’ve seen in a while. Bumper-to-bumper for as far as you could see.

During our time together, my brother pointed out that we were “the last of the Mays line.” At least our strain. And since Blane and I won’t be making any more humans, it will be up to Ryan and Spencer to keep the name in lights.

And it’s wonderful to be home again.

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