Apple’s Magic Trackpad

I almost remember my first computer mouse. The weird sensation of coordinating my hand movements with the cursor on the screen. And –once I got the hang of it– how wonderful to be able to click and drag and all the rest. From time to time, you had to take the little ball from the guts of the mouse and clean off the crud sucked up from the desktop or the mouse pad (remember mouse pads?).

I tried some of the early touch pads but found them klunky. So, when I got my first MacBook –which came with a touch pad– I made sure I had a mouse close at hand. But the more I used the Mac’s touch pad, the more natural it felt. In time, I left the mouse at home.

Apple recently began shipping the Magic Trackpad and I have to say I love it. It took a few hours to feel completely natural but I now find myself using all of my fingers to do lots of things that are much more difficult (if not impossible) with a mouse. And it all feels completely natural and ergonomic.

3 thoughts on “Apple’s Magic Trackpad

  1. I’m on week two and I love it as well. I haven’t grabbed the mouse yet but I agree with Apple marketing it as an ADD ON not replacement of the mouse.

  2. I went from mouse to trackball and that got just a messy inside as a mouse. Remember the e mail spoof about mouse balls being FRU’s Field Replacement Units and could only be fitted by qualified engineers ?

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