Survey of radio newsrooms (1988)

A big part of my job during my early days at Learfield was affiate relations. Periodically, I would survey the stations to learn more about how they used our news and sports. Here’s a snapshot from 1988.

  • 2/3 of stations had a full-time news person (I’ll bet it’s not 1/3 today)
  • I was insensitive or stupid or both in asking about sex. It was a different time.
  • Almost half had a wire service?! Amazing. Can’t be more than 10% now.
  • “Cassette recorders” – Ah, my favorite. A world before digital recording.

Back in those pre-web days, we also did a newsletter each month. One page, front and back. I typed it on a typewriter, made copies and put them in the mail. I’ll be posting more as we get them scanned.

The whole process now seems … quaint. Typewriters and envelopes, once a month. But there was a simplicity that seems appealing in retrospect.

One thought on “Survey of radio newsrooms (1988)

  1. Thanks for posting the newsletters, Steve. It was fun to rekindle a few memories — and thanks for the mention from March 1987.

    Dozens of fine journalists present and past listed in those 25 pages.

    Chris Turner
    EP, WDRB-TV Louisville, KY
    (ex-KWOS, KOKO and KFRU)

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