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I really enjoyed Leonardo DiCapprio’s new movie, Inception. But it’s one of those movies you have to work at. William Gibson (my favorite author) called it one of the best caper movies ever.

A team of high-tech grifters set out to “insert” an idea into someone’s mind but this can only be done if the person thinks it’s their idea. Just getting into the target’s dreams isn’t enough, they have to go three levels deep.

I think I have dreamed I was dreaming. But –as we learn in Inception– going down that next level is dangerous… and complicated. (I kept leaning over to Barb and whispering, “What level are they at now?”)

If this all sounds way too cerebral, there were lots of car chases and automatic weapon fire, a la The Matrix. Getting “killed” was a common way to wake up. (I prefer having Lucy lick my face)

The movie brought to (my) mind earlier films that dealt with reality: Vanilla Sky (Tom Cruise); House of Games; The Game (Michael Douglas); Blade Runner; The Truman Show… it’s a long list because it’s an intriguing topic.

Are you dreaming that you are reading this blog post? Are you “really” just a character in someone else’s dream? How can we be certain we are awake? A well-worn theme but rarely done as well as in Inception.

Inception is written and directed by Christoher Nolan whose credits include The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, and Memento (another movie that made me work har to keep up). [About the special effects]

PS: I forget sometimes, but my intention is to avoid saying, “You will like/love/hate (name of movie/book/TV show goes her).” There is no way I can know what you will or will not like. All any of us can say for sure is whether we liked a movie. Or not. Remind me if I forget.

3 thoughts on “Inception trailer

  1. Uh, I’m thinking you and Jane probably shouldn’t see this movie together.

  2. I believe, and always have, that our existince is a dream, but merely a dream, but then, it becomes a nightmare, and its’ up to everyone to ‘wake up’ from said nightmare. Steve and Jane, I agree with what you both say as well, but in the end, what does that truely mean, in anyones’ existence?

  3. I’ve always pondered that…is this real “or memorix”. Also I’ve wondered who’s to say that people are “crazy” maybe they are the sane ones and we’re crazy. They are the ones who live in fantasy world, and we are the ones who work and dream and hope to go to the fantasy world. Don’t get me wrong, you know my brother was ill most his life, but sometimes I wonder. And the dream thing, many times I wake and/or/not and think I am dreaming or am I dreaming I’m dreamin? Too much for me to figure out.

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