Murals by Rebecca

The brief (4 min) video above is with a co-worker who paints wall murals. She thought a video might help show-and-tell her art. I mention this here because it was just so easy to do with iMovie and the Comic Book theme added a little pizzazz. I need to check to see if there are more themes out there. I’m surprised that Apple only provide half a dozen.

Lesson learned from this mini-project: Edit out my questions wherever possible.

One thought on “Murals by Rebecca

  1. What an amazing co-worker Steve..eight dollars an hour, plus travel and supplies, that girl is the bargain of the 21st century. I am in awe. Wish she would visit Kennett and paint a spare bedroom like the St. Louis Cardinals room..8 bucks an hour! She should get 80 bucks an hour, talent deserves to be paid..

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