Flipboard for iPad

Barb really likes the iPad. She took it to a conference (leaving the laptop home) and had a great experience. Last week we loaded her music and pix and got her a wireless keyboard. I was pretty sure it was just one more device I could get by without. Until I saw Flipboard.

UPDATE: Okay. I have the iPad and configured my Twitter stream in Flipboard. And quickly determined that this is NOT an app I’ll use a lot. It is fun to browse the tweets of the people I follow but that’s about all I can do. You can’t copy text from the Flipboard browser. If all I ever did was just browse, read and retweet, Flipboard would be a good way to do those things. For my money, Pulse is a much better app.

UPDATE: Looks like there’s some question about the legality of Flipboard.

One thought on “Flipboard for iPad

  1. Great heavens! Can it be that the majority of folk are just vast sinks craving entertainment?

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