Wired for iPad

I was a big fan of Wired during it’s early day but drifted away. Seemed like the magazine was eaten up with ads and the web was getting all my attention. I do believe I’ll have to try ou this new app.

UPDATE (5/27/10 10:13a): A much more informed, useful review of the Wired app.

UPDATE (5/27/10 8:30a): Okay, I bought the app. Although I’m not sure it’s an app. I think I paid $5.00 for the app-ified issed of the magazine. Won’t do that too often but I wanted to see how it looked on the iPad. First impressions:

  • Lot of ads. Same as the print version. But I had more difficulty recognizing the ads which is probably what the publisher and the advertisers intended.
  • Seems like they “hold” the ad pages for a second. Can’t be sure about that but I was unable to swipe on to the next page immediately. Took a couple of tries. I’m guessing this is to force me to look at the ad for a little longer.
  • Navigation from the index was fine but from page to page took a little getting used to. Sometimes the next page was a verticle swipe… sometimes horizontal. I think it might be easy to get lost.
  • Graphics are beautiful. Fun to have motion and video part of the experience.

I just don’t think I’m going to pay $60 a year and suffer thru a bazillion ads. Pick one, guys.

I’m going to check out the Wired website again, for comparison, but I still don’t see apps as the salvation of publishing.

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