The Log Cabin

“The Log Cabin was famous for its barbecue sandwiches and curb-service beer. You simply pulled into the pot-holed parking lot surrounding the tiny building… tooted your horn… and a waitress could come out to the car and take your order. If it was dark enough or the waitress was in a good mood… it was possible to buy a beer before reaching legal drinking age. I have no idea what kind of license allowed them to do business this way.”
Wow. This is a rare find, indeed. I have never seen a photo of the Log Cabin. I’m not sure how someone got this one without getting a serious ass kicking. The Log Cabin parking lot was dark! If the Log Cabin fry cooks didn’t invent curly fries, they perfected them. [Photo courtesy of Dennis Dean]

One thought on “The Log Cabin

  1. At the time, we didn’t think anything about it, but as YOU may recall, we could sit there all night and drink beer in our cars. And of course, the parking lot was one big pot hole. Cars were circling constantly. And by the end of the night, some of us had easily downed a six pack or two – yet I never recall any accidents on the lot or even as people returned home. The next day, you never hear anyone say, “well David had a wreck on the way home from the Log”.
    Not sure why this was the case and certainly don’t advocate the return of the log. But lots of good memories.

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