God for a Day

For most of us (well, actually, for all of us) God is a mystery. Whatever God is, I’m confident she has a fine sense of humor and might be doing something like this.

Once she knocked out the Heaven and Earth stuff and had a few people running around it occurred to her to put them in charge of the Universe. But she knew a committee was the wrong way to go. They’d come up with those soon enough.

So she decided to rotate the job. Every day, someone new becomes God, with full powers. They can create sunsets or erupting volcanoes or whatever pops into their temporarily divine heads.

And to keep things interesting, there would be no rhyme or reason to selection. Totally random.

Even if the world’s great religions figured this out, they kept it to themselves. You can’t build a functioning religion when there’s a new deity every day. Just keeping up with the artwork would be a nightmare.

Each new god could tell his friends the exciting news if they chose but, being omniscient they could see that could turn out badly. Some couldn’t resist, however.

You’d think after all this time (and all those god’s) the world would be in pretty good shape. But each new god could –and often did– fuck up the good work of previous gods.

So. If today is your day, what will you do?

2 thoughts on “God for a Day

  1. Oh, dear. That didn’t occur to me. And you would, of course.
    On deck: S. Palin, G. Pyle and Carrot Top

  2. Excellent thought poem. Always an awesome responsibility this divinity business.
    Imagine your terror if on your day of omniscience you could see who’s coming up in the rotation.

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