Exhibit A: iPad

As an attorney, document management is a big deal for Barb. If she works at home –and she works at home a LOT– she has to have a way to securely retreive, view, edit and save documents from her office. She lugs her big old HP laptop back and forth and logs in with some sort of VPN.

And again, I buried the lead. Today she was able to do all of this on the iPad using an app. Still some testing to do but with a BlueTooth keyboard and the iPad, she can leave the HP boat anchor at home and use he iPad.

Citrix Receiver for iPad from Chris Fleck on Vimeo.

The more exciting application would be on the road or in conference with a client and be able to whip out the iPad and get right to the documents she needs.

I’m telling you, you have to get your hands on this thing to appreciate the excitement.