Dog Sledding

After our Goldens eat, they like to rub their their faces against the floor or the side of their beds. I have no idea why they do this or if that is what they are doing. But the dogs in this delightful video seem to be doing something similar in the snow. Sliding down the hill just extends –and simplifies– the “rubbing.”


3 thoughts on “Dog Sledding

  1. Clarification: These are not our pups. I’m hopping my vet pal, Dr. Mobley, can explain this behavior.

  2. Sounds to me, they use the floor like you might use a napkin. Any wel brought up doggie wouldn’t be seen dead with dog chow round their chops and yours look like well brought up doggies !

  3. Steve, this seems to me at least, like a very human gesture…insert water instead of snow? I loved going down hill on one of those plastic slides with my face against the blue plastic and water…I loved diving into the blue water and the rush against my face…maybe it’s just me, but I see a very human trait exemplified by your labs. Good kids. I’d like them to meet my old man Persian cat, maybe they could give him some human desires as well?

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