Dennis Forbis. Remember the name.

All I know about Dennis Forbis is he is a nice man. A patient man. A forgiving man. We workout at the same fitness center and he always remembers my name. And I seem to have some sort of mental block that prevents me from remembering his. Once or twice is embarrassing. Half a dozen times is mortifying.

So tonight I interrupted his workout to snap this photo and I’m posting it here in an effort to burn Dennis’ image and name into my brain. I’m even giving Dennis his own tag: Nice Man.

Dennis, if you’re reading this, let’s have a beer. I want to know your lift story. I want vivid details that I can never forget.

4 thoughts on “Dennis Forbis. Remember the name.

  1. Dennis is my neighbor at the apartment building I live in… We share a wall and 2 noisy neighbors downstairs, and we hate the squirrels that dig up our flower pots our the decks.

    He’s a graphic designer/photographer at MoDOT still.

  2. Nice Man used to be Boss Man for me at MoDOT for @ 9-months. You’re right, Dennis is a nice guy.

  3. Why does “stalker” always seem to require the adjective “creepy?” Is there another kind?

  4. My guess is that Dennis has snapped a similar picture of you and posted it to his blog with the tag “Creepy Stalker.”

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