Blog clean-up

A few months ago I moved to a different hosting service (HostGator). It was the third or forth time I’ve moved the blog since starting in 2002. When I checked for broken links, I found hundreds. Some were normal link rot: web sites gone; YouTube videos pulled; etc. Some were the result of my several moves.

I hadn’t planned on wading through the more than 4,700 posts to fix them all but once I got started, it was difficult to stop. I hate broken links, and can’t swear that I found them all. But I’ve spent a couple of hundred hours scanning each post, repairing or deleting links, fixing photos, etc.

I wouldn’t want to do this very often but it wasn’t a totally negative experience. I discovered many treasures in my dusty digital attic. And I did some tagging and category maintenance.

Most of my posts are excerpts and quotes from other blogs and stories. Seth Godin, Scott Adams, Mark Ramsey, Matt Tiabbi… just to mention a few.

It was interesting to see how my views and thinking morphed over the last eight years. I started this blog with the tag line, “I really have to start writing some of this down,” and I’m pleased to discover that is what I have done. And I really don’t feel any “blog fatigue.”

Pretty much everything I found interesting during the past eight years has a mention here. Although I believe I am posting less frequently the last couple of years. Twitter is now the place I toss off a random thought or a link. My Google Reader shared page has also siphoned off some stuff that used to get dropped here.

But the blog is my home and I’m doing my best to keep my focus here. Going forward I hope to be more… thoughtful… about what I post. More discriminating. More positive, perhaps?

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